Tuesday, November 28, 2023

MAYA is out now in GERMANY! KICKSTARTER available!

My new science-fiction action hardcover comic MAYA is now out and available in Germany!

You can get it at your local comicshop or order it directly online. The book was created and written by me with art by Ricardo Silva, Tina Valentino, colors by Bryan Valenza, Arif Prianto and Vagrant. A huge THANK YOU to Bill Nichols who helped as an editor of the first pitch for the project!

You can also back a SPECIAL-Edition together with my second new hardcover comic DARK ZERO via KICKSTARTER. This special-editions will feature limited alternate covers by artist ANLOR (Ladies with Guns) and a lot of other artists works and you can get original sketches and even original comic book pages from MAYA.

This KICKSTARTER is only available in GERMANY, SWITZERLAND and AUSTRIA! Here is the LINK: