Monday, May 16, 2022

I don't like the new Batman movie...


... and I usually don't talk about it publicly if I don't like an entertainment "product". But I've noticed that in recent years, many writers in the entertainment sector don't put much effort into developing stories for a wide audience. I think that's a shame, because as an author you should always have an interest in inspiring as many people as possible without "insulting" them by denying their intelligence. And now to the new Batman film: It does exactly the latter and also robs Batman of all the qualities that have characterized the character over the years. It's impossible for me to list all the things that could be improved about this film...I don't want to either. But I'll give a few examples of what I don't think should be done in a Batman movie:

  • Completely rob Batman of his humanity that he doesn't seem to care about a woman's corpse.
  • At the same time giving him disturbing human stalker traits when it comes to Catwoman.
  • Don't let him, as the "world's greatest detective", solve any riddles without outside help.
  • Portray his butler Alfred as more intelligent than Bruce Wayne.
  • Move on a story not by intelligent decisions of characters but instead by coincidence (or decisions of the villains)
  • Make a film visually beautiful, but then not put the same effort into STORY.
  • Make all characters act superficial and stupid.

Surely there are many out there who think the film is good... there's no other way to explain the film's good rating. But I think with every entertainment project STORY should come first which is not the case with this film. Especially if the film was preceded by great Batman films just a few years earlier, such as Batman Begins or The Dark Knight who did work on so many levels. Just my two cents.

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