Monday, May 16, 2022


For you who got accidentally here or are interested in me and my projects: Welcome! A few words about me in case you don't know me: My name is Chris Noeth and I'm the CEO of McPeppergames. I'm the creator of the Android and iOS strategy game COLOR DEFENSE and a variety of other apps and games. In addition, I am also a comic writer and comic artist. I'm currently working on various game- and comic-projects. On this blog you will find excerpts from my current comic projects, comic art stuff and from McPeppergames game projects. Please check out the McPeppergames games online and share the blog link with your friends. If you want you also can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. BTW: The image you can see here is from a very old comic book, called "It Came From Beneath The Sea... Again!". It's first two issues were drawn by me with a story by Clay and Susan Griffith and colors by Sven Strangmeyer. The comicbook is a sequel to the Ray Harryhausen classic monster movie "It Came From Beneath The Sea". If you have the DVD you can find a special about the comic on it. Thank you! Have fun!